Stephanie Bugbee Art


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Because of the uneven glass surfaces of my tempered glass mosaics, the “sparkle” of light constantly changes. Bright colors become soothing or the sparkles glare out to you.  My challenge becomes the presentation. A still photograph catches only a brief moment, so most of the art’s personality is hidden and unseen.
I use nature’s unique color combinations often in this challenging art medium. It is an inviting canvas that encourages up close examination and touching to fully explore what is happening behind the puzzled artwork. Are those clouds or petals? Is the sun a flower? Where did she find the blue rose?
                It is my intention to encourage people to love art. Not just my art but art. Not just an isolated piece, but to have the general emotion of happiness because a connection has been made. I often sense a  shyness in people By the unique experience  who do not feel they have enough knowledge to appreciate art in general.   Always to increase confidence and search for more.